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Balanced Fund Investing: Only Half The Freak Out During A Stock Market Slide: (VWELX)

FYI: Any time the stock market reaches all-time highs, the contributing factors are varied and their influences are impossible to measure. What we do know is that American companies for several years now have enjoyed steadily increasing profits, which are finally resulting in lower unemployment figures.

Offsetting the exhilarating “high” we feel these days should be the question, “What’s next?” For many, the answer is to mix some bonds into the portfolio. While this would seem to make sense in this day and age, the concept developed only as late as 1929. Walter Morgan, a young accountant for wealthy individuals, felt that something better than timing the market would offer a better mousetrap for people wanting to benefit from strong markets while, at the same time, limiting their downside.

M* Snapshot VWELX:

Lipper Snapshot VWELX:

VEWLX Is Ranked #3 In The (50/70 Equity)) Fund Category By U.S. News & World Report:


  • edited January 2018
    I generally rebalance twice per year following a seasonal investment strategy where in the fall I generally load equities (around October) and In the spring (around May) I usually trim equities.

    Doing this pretty much keeps me aligned within my asset allocation ranges.

    Plus, I hold a good number of hybrid type funds within my portfolio that adjust their allocations based upon their read on the markets.

    This in turn makes my portfolio a balanced type portfolio in of itself.
  • I Only Buy Balanced Funds With One Exception, I Own Fidelity Medical Equiptment Fund.
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