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Domestic Mid Cap Growth Recommendations

Does anyone have any recommendations on a domestic mid cap growth fund? Anything that is ntf through Fidelity is a plus. Thanks!


  • beebee
    edited January 2018
    PRDMX is NTF at Fidelity. Not presently open at Fidelity. May be open directly at TRP.

    A few other suggested by Fidelity:
  • FLPSX is not precisely growth and moreover has a fair slug of non-US; is it off your list?
  • AKREX even so it is a mix of mid and large cups.
  • @psuche98: Here are 102 MCG Funds ranked by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Hi psuche98,
    I have PARMX -- it's more conservative. It's one you can count on. Also, FLPSX -- you should get a kick from overseas. Then, my favorite, UMBMX -- it's a runner at times. Just what I have, bro.
    God bless
    the Pudd
    p.s. At Fidelity, $2500 in IRA.
  • If you believe Jeremy Grantham in his "Bracing Yourself for a Possible Near-Term Melt-Up" that Ted posted separately, I might consider just buying a passive etf like IJK, MDYG, VOT, RFG, whatever your preference is, because when the end finally comes you're most likely going to want to dump this investment. Then, as things fall, I'd keep my eyes open for a chance to invest in a really good mid-cap growth fund like POAGX or RPMGX if they open to new investors again. You won't find POAGX available NTF anywhere that I'm aware of but RPMGX is available at Fidelity and other brokers. At this point, and especially if you agree with Grantham, I'm not sure the management fee you have to pay for actively managed funds, if its a new investment, is worth it.
  • Puddnhead said:

    Then, my favorite, UMBMX -- it's a runner at times.

    Well with a manager named "Indelicate", what do you expect?
  • VXF has usually been a good fund for mid-cap
  • compare with EWMC and VO no matter what you wind up buying
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