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Fund Portfolio Question

I have too many funds and I want to trim down my portfolio. I want to sell one or two of these funds. Do I sell DSENX, FPACX or IVWIX?


  • @Carefree: Keep DSENX, dump the other two !
  • I Dont Trust DSENX When The Next Bear Market Comes - I Do Trust FPACX & IVWIX To Loose Less In a Down Market.
  • edited January 2018
    Hi @ducrow,

    I have not followed your previous post and, with this, I don't know much about what you hold outside of these three funds. Just looking at each of these I'm thinking, as funds, they are all keepers. This raises the question ... What else do you have and how do these funds fit.

    IVWIX ... M* 4 Star ... Cash 10% ... Berkshire Hathaway ... Gold Bullion

    FPACX ... M* 4 Star ... Cash 15% ... This fund can and does actively short over priced holdings.

    DSENX ... M* 5 Star ... Actively positions using deratives and swaps.

    Again ... I'm not finding much amiss with any of these funds and I'm thinking they are all keepers. In addition, each of these funds, if I owned, would be held in different sleees within my portfolio. So, this leads me back to the question ... What else do you own? And, how many funds are to many? I'm currently holding close to a total of fifty within five accounts with some funds repeating within accounts (some not). Over all the portfolio as a whole holds close to fifty.


  • Large-Auenx, Vdigx, Prgtx, Egfix
    Medium/small -Poagx, Vseqx, Prhnx, Fthnx
    Int-Oakix, Tbgbx, GpGox, Gflox
    Misc-Plsdx, Fpacx,Dsenx, Ivwix
  • A question only you can answer @Carefree

    You really have to come to grips with visualizing a portfolio and determin what fits best inside of that. Individual funds are just building blocks for the risk return profile you want to achieve.

    Here is a site that can help you with that. Build a few portfolios and compare what they give you in total return, max returns and max losses, volitility, ect... I have been using Portfolio Visualizer and it has helped a lot. I believe bee was the first to introduce it here at MFO. What I found was having many funds contributes nothing to the whole, in fact over-loading funds often detract from portfolio retiurn. Compare some of those example portfolios to one of the single TRP retirement funds that holds the equity % you are aiming for.
  • edited January 2018

    In review of the above ticker symbols there are three that I could not pull fund information on they are, as you listed, ... prhnx ... tbgbx & gflox.

    Of the ones I was able to pull information on they are all mighty fine funds. I'm thinking, if it were me I'd pull your tech fund (PRGTX) from the large cap sleeve and put in a specialty/theme sleeve. That would leave three funds in the large cap sleeve.

    I'd also pull PLSDX (short term bond) from Misc and put it in a fixed income sleeve.

    And, I'd open a hybrid fund sleeve for FPACX & DSENX

    And, I'd open an asset allocation sleeve for IVWIX.

    And, this leaves me with what MikeM stated. It really does not mater what any of us come up with ... You have to govern in a manner that satisfies yourself.

    Really, of the funds I was able to view they are all good funds. Something to consider is substainability if you are wanting to kick something to the curb ... The two that I found with two below average substainability ratings (by Morningstar) were AUENX & VSEQX.

    Good luck as you wrestle with what to do (if anything).

  • I am sorry but those symbols should have been PRNHX, TBGVX AND GLFOX
  • edited January 2018
    Those are all pretty great funds. I would slowly reduce prgtx to a foothold maybe and (I know it’s sacrosanct to speak against Tweedy Browne around here Hahahaha) maybe TBGVX. But honestly they are all good. Keep FPACX and IVWIX for defensive measures. And DSENX could be your main LC to maybe match with AUENX. But may not need AUENX with VDIGX (great LC blend with a divi growth angle—quality)...EGFIX I hadn’t heard of. Great LCG fund
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