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Want suggestions for dividend focused mutual fund

Looking for suggestions for a dividend paying mutual fund.


  • @Art: Equity or bond ?
  • Both. Don't want to limit your expertise.
  • TedTed
    edited November 2017
    @Art: If income is primary, and appreciation secondary, here are my suggstions ! Do not limit yourself to just funds.

    Preferred Stocks:
    ALLY-A (Possible call in December)

    Equtiy Funds:

    Bond Funds:
    PONAX (The clear choice)
  • whatever equity funds you look at, compare against DVY and the rest, payout and NAV growth separately
  • SCHD is the best IMHO
  • not for divs
  • Also look at PTIAX and for EM (higher risk, higher return) PREMX and FNMIX.
  • edited November 2017
    Art...I personally favor SCHD, but I have a significant allocation to individual REITs and dividend paying stocks, so SCHD is icing on the cake.

    As an alternative, if you have no significant REIT exposure, SPHD would be worthy of a serious look as it folds a slice of REITs into a mix of dividend paying stocks, with a plumper yield as a result.
  • edited November 2017
    Hi @Art,

    Below are some funds that I own (by sleeve and my classification) that kick off some good income.

    In world equity I use CWGIX, DEQAX & EADIX

    In domestic equity I use ANCFX, FDSAX & SVAAX

    In global hybrid I use CAIBX, PMAIX & TIBAX

    In domestic hybrid three I favor of seven owned are AMECX, FRINX & HWIAX.

    In hybrid income three I favor of seven owned are APIUX, FKINX & PGBAX

    In tactical hybrids (income) I use BAICX & PCGAX

    Funds of funds I use CTFAX, ISFAX & LABFX

    Multi sector bond funds I use LBNDX, NEFZX & TSIAX

    I am not saying these are the current very best funds to own; but, they are the ones I have would up with through my many years of investing; and, I feel they have treated me well.

    Know that I own some other funds as well (in the growth area of my portfolio) that kick off some good income in the form of capital gains with some paying dividends as well

    Global growth sleeve I own ANWPX, SMCWX & THOAX

    Large mid cap sleeve I own AGTHX, AMCPX & SPECX

    Small mid cap sleeve I own IIVAX, PCVAX & PMDAX

    Specialty & theme sleeve I own LPEFX, NEWFX & PGUAX

    In short words most funds that I own kick off some good income in some form and fashion. Usually, my portfolio's distribution yield usually runs from a range of 4 to 6 percent which includes interest, dividends and capital gain distributions. Over the past five years my total return ranges form 8 to 12 percent. Generally, I take no more than one half of my five year average return has been. In this way, principal builds over time.


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