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No Breakfast Briefing This Morning

FYI: The Linkster is having cataract surgery on his right eye. If all goes well hopefully I'll be back up and running this afternoon.


  • Best of luck for a successful surgery Ted. You'll be fine, cataract surgery is a routine surgery nowadays.
  • Good luck Ted. You will probably love the results.
  • My wife, virtually blind in one eye, required cataract surgery on her good eye. Came out fine. Good luck on yours!
  • Enjoy your great new vision @Ted

    (But please be on your best behavior while the surgeon is working):)
  • @Ted

    Hope things go/went well for you today.

  • @MFO: I'm back, working with one eye, but it appears everything went smoothly. I's like to thank all those MFO members who cared enough to respond.
  • "it appears everything went smoothly"

  • Thanks for checking in Ted and letting us know that all went well:)

  • edited October 2017
    Yeah - They like you to keep it covered for about a day. (Had 2)

    Glad you’re back on the board.

    Might add - My last was a little tough for her to remove. She took 90% (or more) off during surgery and removed the remaining small portion with a simple 2-minute laser procedure a few months later. I’m thrilled with the results.
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