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Why Bitcoin’s Bubble Matters

FYI: Ask most people about the bitcoin bubble, and they’ll probably have the same reaction: It’s interesting, but it won’t affect me. After all, they’ll figure, they aren’t investing in bitcoin, so if there is a bubble, and it does burst, they’ll be just fine.
Well, maybe they should start worrying.


  • I've no investment in crypto-currency, though I think dabbling in it -- as a trade -- could prove very profitable. I think we are in the early, EARLY innings of this trend. IF its a bubble, I think it has a lot of room to run. It kinda feels like the internet 'bubble' circa 1994. -- speculate with a SMALL amount of capital, make a lot of money. Exit.

    At this point, I have not identified any public investments in the blockchain 'ecosphere' which strike me as meritorious.

    I would be interested in hearing any investment/trade ideas anyone has in this space...

  • edited October 2017
    Hmm ... Sounds like something Oppenheimer might invest in. :(

  • No, actually its this guy:

    This guy doesn't spend his time on an investment board... He knows how to make money and how to spot a long-term trend...

    But the banks are developing their own blockchain/digital currencies. Laugh all you want. -- Like I said, its like 1994, most of us (myself included) cannot see the "big picture" on this opportunity. By the time most of us do, the 'easy money' will have already been made. the thing is to get in front of the wave, not to paddle in AFTER the wave of money has hit the shore. -- Then, vacate the shore before the riptide pulls you out to sea...
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