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The Perils Of Calling The Peak Of The Equities Bull Run

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By many measurements, today’s stock markets are overvalued but investors are struggling to work out when or if a crash will come.


  • Found this comment by John Mauldin:
    "I am not necessarily calling for an end to this amazing bull market. I’m agnostic about that right now, because the traditional forecasting tools have been taken to the woodshed."

    While he is certainly not a perma-bear, he has never been giddy about markets, either. Those who have been yelling from the sidelines for a number of years have become more or less skulkers.
  • oh, he is close to permabear (note 'buy gold / silver' at the bottom of his own site)

    this may have been posted already but I did not see it, an extraordinary summary of risks real and imagined:
  • Wake me up when inflation starts heating up.

    Until then, the S&P at less than 20x forward earnings working on a third straight quarter of 3%+ GDP is not a recipe for a "crash."

    Now, the market will NOT post another 13 straight months of gains. There will be ups and downs. The naysayers like Mauldin will pronounce every "down" as "the one."
  • @PBKCM,

    Thanks for making post of your thoughts.

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