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Good News for Bees

edited August 2017 in Off-Topic
The user and all related content has been deleted.


  • I read today that the US bans the import of honeybees, which is causing a spiraling problem with inbreeding (just one breeder per hive, remember). Weird.

    We've consciously constructed what appears to be a wildly successful pollinators' garden along our south wall: there's a blur of activity ranging from the huge, gentle cicada-killers and bumblebees to swarms of almost-invisible ones. It's sort of comforting to visit.


  • Cannot speak for other folks in Central Ohio, but the number of honey bees in our display garden this year is many times more than I can remember in a long time. Not sure if someone has a new hive in the area or if the population of bees has had a positive jump. Either way, it is encouraging.
  • We too seem to have more (outside Boston) than in years past. Certainly hope so.
  • Waiting for @Ted to grade this thread.
  • Maybe he's afraid to... management is participating.:)
  • And I will find the opportune moment to defend the any cost. Bees are welcome here at MFO...just saying!
  • Cool with me! :)
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • @Maurice- We also grow herbs at the Russian River place, with equally good results, and we use a lot of thyme. For a long time we (and our neighbors) had descendants of the poppies that I planted years ago, but the floods last year seem to have killed them off. The California poppies seem to thrive in sandy/rocky/dry places, and don't like too much water or rich soil.
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