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Eric Cinnamond / Biggest Bubble / Fleckenstein

The link has some recent (May-June 2017) podcasts.

The Eric Cinnamond interview from May, I found especially illuminating.

The Steven Bregman interview ("Biggest Bubble ever") also brought up some info I had never considered, regarding inherent weaknesses in the market-cap indices.

Warning: the Bregman interview is ~ 90 minutes.


  • I find Cinnamond a lesson in the difficulty of market timing, or of assuming that a measure that worked in one economic cycle will work just as well in the next. The investing world is littered with investors who got one or two big calls right, then keep on making big calls... BUT I have enormous respect for him for quitting when he still had a lot of AUM. For a manager to say, "I don't understand this market, so I'm giving my investors back their money and getting out" is the kind of humility and integrity that would make the financial world (and the world as a whole) a better place if it were more widespread.
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