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Emerging Markets Bond Funds

How important is it to have EM Bond Funds in your portfolio and if they are what are your recommendations?


  • @Bobpa: To be brief, no you don't need an EM Bond Fund !
  • I like to have a variety of bond funds since you can often find bargains in one segment of the market while others are rallying. For the past few years I've been picking up shares of GIM and now it's finally paying off. Patience and faith required!
  • I expect my global allocations funds to invest in emerging bond funds for me if they feel there is value. Or you could buy funds like MAINX. I agree with @Ted and in general don't try and buy very targeted fund or sector funds.
  • edited March 2017
    You don't need it, but I think EM bonds may do better than domestic bonds going forward. Not recommending for anyone else, but I've decided the bond funds I invest in now, besides the balanced funds I hold, should match interest rate hike expectations. So, right now my bond funds are SAMBX, ACITX, PFIDX, BXIAX and EM fund MAINX. I believe I have as many bond funds as straight equity funds, in fact I do...FWIW.
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    @MikeM. I sold out of my DLRFX since floating rate funds don't seem to be doing diddly. Regarding ACITX and the like, any reason you have not moved to "short term" version of the fund? I did so in Vanguard and TRP. Thinking going forward, the shorter duration versions would do better.
    I also have MAINX in my IRA.
  • FNMIX has made me money, but it does move more with EM stocks (FNMIX is in my 403b offerings, and I'm back in moderately), and MCRDX was recommended here. It's Asia based and only $17M acc to M*. Looks to be up 7% since opening. I put all my uninvested $ in it several months ago to keep me from doing something (more) stupid, and I'm not negative so far. Dr. Snowball was taken with the manager's initial presentation, FWIW.
    I have no idea whether you NEED an EM bond fund.
    I presume I'll stay in these funds (at least MCRDX) for a decade or so; but I'm also OK with being a greeter at Wal-Mart (if I get a deal on a DRIP), so don't take this as relible guidance.
  • Darn. "reliable"
  • Regarding ACITX and the like, any reason you have not moved to "short term" version of the fund?
    @VintageFreak, what American Century "short term" TIP fund are you talking about? What fund do you hold?
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