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Ping Bob C.

Since you're doing the retirement planning, what would you use as a place to stash cash other than a MM Fund? In my 401, they have a stable value fund. What would you use in an IRA since the 401 will go away? Also, I will be on the Fidelity platform. I don't know if that will matter.
God bless
the Pudd


  • ETF MINT? for slightly higher risk/return, BobC likes OSTIX i believe.
  • I do not plan to touch my retirement account until the RMD year. But since I like to have 5-7 years of cash flow needs stashed aside so that I do not have to sell equities in a down market, I will use a combination of staggered CDs for the first couple of years, then short-term bonds for the balance. I will consider OSTIX, PONDX, LLDYX,THIIX, and a couple of others, adjust if interest/market conditions warrant it. For sure I do not want to use any medium or long duration bonds.
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