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  • "If the president can, without consulting the courts or Congress, banish U.S. lawful permanent residents, then he can do anything."
    His basic premise is wrong.

    'The first causality in war is the truth.'

    Watch as someone gets pepper sprayed.

  • While I think stocks would have risen, regardless of who was elected, I also read Eric Cinnamond's blog, so I try to keep my finger off the "buy" trigger (OK, I bought XAR; so far, so good, but I feel guilty).
    I think the real question now is whether any manager can out-estimate The Donald, who may earn the appellation of "Index Destroyer," by the end of his term(s).
    I've been unable to force myself to sell, but at least I've bought little. I am pretty sure the winners in this cycle will have sold.
    I suspect stocks that can preserve their dividends will be the eventual winners, although they may have to be held for a decade. (I think that means one should expect to survive off the dividends for the foreseeable future.)
    If people like Cinnamond are largely out of the market (so far as I know), I assume the other managers are living off their ER.
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    @Davidmoran The rule of law is important (I guess). But it's highly dependent on having real judges - not fake “so-called judge(s)". :(
  • Huh? What are you talking about? What's fake about him, other than DT's unpresidented bloviation?
  • edited February 2017
    @Davidmoran - Slow to grasp sarcasm aren't you? Must be one hellova literal guy.:)

    I read your excellent post couple days ago and agree. Was trying to stay away from controversy after my ill-fated attempt to share a Barrons interview.

    Added: To your initial point (and trying here not to throw red meat): I've always believed that our legal framework (and legal fabric) do appreciably add real value to investments made in the U.S. compared to many other nations. Contracts are honored. Government obligations (bonds) are repaid. Private property cannot be confiscated without due process.

    Nothing more to say.
  • If the Trumpster understood ANYTHING, he'd be dangerous. Wait, ummmmm.... He really DOESN'T understand anything. We are so screwed.
  • sorry, I am indeed sketchy sometimes when it comes to reading online; my bad
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