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Just Got Out Of The Hospital



  • Be good to yourself, Ted
  • Get well soon!
  • Wishing for the swift recovery.
  • All the best. You do Yeoman's work for MFO and it is greatly appreciated.
  • Hope you feel better!
  • Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well, Ted. Do get well soon.
  • Hope you're doing well Ted... always enjoy your posts. Get well soon.
  • We're missing you, Ted. Be well!
  • Wishing you a speedy recovery Ted!
  • Get well soon Ted. The board will not be the same without you.
  • Glad you shared this news Ted, as always. Please rest and get well soon. Thank you for all you do. Charles
  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery
  • Take your time Ted and here's to a full recovery.
  • Be healthy . We all want it for you
  • Best wishes and a fast recovery
  • Get well soon.
  • Hope you feel better soon, Ted.
  • Hi Ted!
    Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Chase that elephant back where he came from!!! This board needs your spunk and perspective. Get well soon! We need you.
    God bless
    the Pudd
  • OK Ted, here's the word: Follow all orders. Pay attention: do not sneak or cut corners. Avoid stress and -- above all -- disruption. Do not decide that you are really better than the MD's think, and act accordingly.

    Again: follow orders. And especially this order: Get well (preferably soon, but above all, by following orders!) Yes, we ARE probably as smart as (or smarter than) the MDs, but they have knowlege & experience that we do not, painful as it is to admit....

    Sent from one who despises following orders, but learned the hard way...

    Wishing you the best....and a timely return... ;-)

  • I'll second that icyone ! Get well Ted & take all the time you need.
  • Get well soon and Many thanks for your great contributions to this board. Take rest and take it easy.
  • Best wishes for speedy recovery!
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