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Fund Focus: Scout Mid Cap Fund

FYI: The Scout Mid Cap fund has returned an annualized 10% over 10 years, beating 99% of its peers.

M* Snapshot UMBMX:

Lipper Snapshot UMBMX:

UMBMX Is Ranked #32 In The (MCB) Fund Category By U.S. News & World Report:


  • Hi guys!
    Had owned this fund a while back.....cut it due to other funds owned. It was ok, but won't buy it again. In this space, I own PARMX, VEXMX, CHTTX, right now.
    God bless
    the Pudd
  • edited November 2016
    I held UMBMX for many years but sold out early this year mainly because of its tax-inefficiency (held in a taxable acct) and there are better MCB funds for a taxable acct.

    I purchased PARMX and plan on holding that for a long time. It works for me because it gives me better downside protection and much improved tax efficiency. But UMBMX is a good OEM.
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