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105 Most Popular Funds For Your Retirement Savings

FYI: These mutual funds have the most assets under management in 401(k) plans, according to BrightScope.


  • beebee
    edited October 2016
    I severely dislike Kiplinger's "turn off your Ad Blocker" gateway to read their articles. I use Ad Blocker. I choose to turn off their articles.
  • I agree with bee.
  • I also agree with Bee and Ralph, but oddly enough, for this particular article no adds appeared using one computer/browser that does not have Ad Blocker, and no "turn off" notice appeared using this present computer/different browser which does have Ad Blocker installed. But that notice has appeared for the Kiplinger site using this computer on previous occasions. Go figure.
  • I use blockers but turn them off when asked, as would most ex-journalists.
  • edited October 2016
    Not sure I understand the premise of the articles. Most POPULAR fund for YOUR retirement?

    All it means is the Funds are available in most 401k plans, no? That does not make them popular, just because people have no choice but to buy them in the absence of another from similar category. That also does not mean they are for us.

    Regarding Ad Blocker, it should have a "stop blocking for 10 minutes" option. Every page I visit on Kiplinger I don't want to have to say "don't block on this page". Nuisance.
  • For "popular" read "big". 105 of the biggest. Why 105, not 100 or 150? Or even 106?
  • Ya, my Adblocker is in operation for a reason. Kiplinger's wants me to disable it? Screw Kiplinger's.
  • Turn off my adblocker? That's a quick exit for me.
  • edited October 2016
    Guys you didn't miss much. Useless article. You can just go and sort largest Vanguard, Fidelity and American funds, and then add couple of large PIMCO, TRP, and MW funds, and there you have it.

    When I go to Mars, please jail the guy who wrote that piece on Earth. They want you to watch ads to read this tripe. Why do I think the long lost cousins of some Wells Fargo people made it a policy at Kiplingers, you HAVE to produce X number of articles per day to generate ad revenue? Same crap.
  • Curious listing of share classes. What caught my eye was #4, AEPGX. Class A.

    According to its SAI, the largest share class is R-6, RERGX, with $41B, vs. $26 for AEPGX. As this is an R-class, we know that virtually all of this money is in retirement plans.

    The R-6 class is the largest, the cheapest, the most used in employer-sponsored retirement accounts. So why list a smaller, more expensive share class? It may be older, but the title of the article is most popular.

    I agree that there's not much here.
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