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  • Nice catch @TheShadow I'm doing pretty well with DSENX, so I might give the European version a try If you hear when it is being offered, please let us know
  • I like the idea, but I can't see buying it just because DSENX is doing so well. I put a good portion of my self managed portfolio into DSENX (15%) after reading about the funds objectives and style, but not sure I need a European fund. I tend to think collecting funds for the sake of adding a new fund to "the team", especially sector funds, is detrimental to a portfolio's return.
  • edited September 2016
    So far, the European CAPE ETF has done quite well:

    Shiller on his CAPE ETF

    UK Morningstar Performance

  • EUPE (hard to find out that symbol) started trading last March of last year? So much for news coverage. When will be it be purchasable here?
  • I think buying the european version is to show confidence in the concept. Why did we buy the u.s. version? Because we saw the index "work". If the european index is also working, makes sense to buy it, no? I think I just might. Would depend on when it was available and if I was looking to buy more international. Why not this fund then, instead of some other?
  • Shiller's strategies seem to be working well and I'm actually surprised because most of these new funds by the quant/trend followers/13F filings/s&p under it's 200 day moving average guys seem to be under performing more than I expected. Shiller's indexes almost seem like a free lunch at this point.

    QVAL, QMOM, GVAL, etc have just been tanking over the last two years, but then I'm reading articles from these guys that momentum and value strategies can under perform for up to 10 years, sometimes longer!?!?! And ALFA just got slaughtered when it went market neutral. If it's always best to buy when a fund's outlook seems darkest, then I'm loading up on MUHLX.
  • Please not muhlx. The guy calls himself an economist and I got fooled by his tripe for years. He does not even understand the basics of stocks, bonds and interest rates. You have several funds you can bottom fish with.
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