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Would someone from MFO membership kindly tell me where this fund fits in at Lipper performance . I'm looking for a benchmark ,so to speak.


  • @Derf: Is this what you had in mind ?
  • If you want a benchmark fund (for this nearly three year old fund) in its Lipper category, you might compare it with American Funds SMALLCAP World Fund (depending on which share class, generally "3"s across the board for 3 year performance), or Invesco Global Small and Midcap Growth A AGAAX (similar three year Lipper ratings).
  • @ Ted,msf, thanks for your input.
  • Derf: Here is GPROX benchmark for both M* and Lipper. MSCI ACWI Ex USA.
  • edited March 2016
    @Derf- from Schwab:


    Note that the MSCI index used is probably more relevant, since GPROX does have investments in the US.
  • Benchmark should be either the MSCI AC World Small Cap or Russell Global Small Cap. The Fund is "Global" reach and should not be benchmarked to an international index.
  • "The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from".

    An old saying among internet developers.
  • @Derf MSCI has been changing their indexes around quite a bit the past couple of years, and if they continue the trend then their indexes won't be very useful as benchmarks for anything, IMO. Nevertheless, JoJo26 is getting warmer and is probably as close to the mark as you're gonna get.

    Some recent thoughts from Ben Carlson on some pitfalls he is seeing re. benchmarking in today's markets:
  • GPROX management uses the Russell Global Small Cap Index and Russell Global Index.
  • The Lipper benchmark is Global Small- to Mid-cap, if that wasn't clear from the discussion above.

    GPROX has the highest 3-year Sharpe ratio of any fund in the group; it's outpacing its peers by 6% annually since inception with below-average volatility. Fidelity Advisor Global Cap App is second by 3-year Sharpe and Evermore Global Value coming in third.

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