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M*: Upgrades & Downgrades For January

FYI: Morningstar research analysts were fairly active in January. Indeed, while we upgraded only one fund last month, we downgraded seven funds plus one target-date series. We also covered three funds for the first time and re-initiated coverage on two funds. The table below lists all of the affected funds. And we highlight the most notable changes here.


  • So, I recently invested in Janus Balanced Fund in hopes that it would duplicate my good results in Price Cap App fund (which is closed off from my other assets). Morningstar is now downgrading the Janus fund because the manager is leaving and others may follow. Finding good funds that grow steadily, and without bumps in the night, is becoming a difficult task. Tell me again why ETFs aren't good investments?
  • Not sure this is all that big a deal since Pinto remains in charge of equities and Janus is strong and supposedly getting stronger in FI (Gross and all that). The lookahead downgrade is offputting, sure, but my vote would be to stick around (and I have with my own small holding). Good comparable etfs are AOM and AOR, and while they are very nicely constructed indeed (imo), I would still stick with JABAX or whichever one you have.
  • David: Thank you for your comments. One of the reasons I picked Janus Balance fund was because of a positive comment posted by you. I'll stick with JABAX and check out the ETFs you mentioned.
  • Entirely welcome. Hope it goes well, for all our sakes. It is a comparatively unheralded gem. But past performance etc.
  • "Morningstar is now downgrading the Janus fund because the manager is leaving and others may follow."

    @Lawlar- Wrong. Morningstar is now downgrading the Janus fund because you just bought in. Trust me on this... I've been through it many times. I'd love to know how "they" know what you and I are doing. And what we've ever done to deserve this.
  • edited February 2016
    OJ, Yesterday I did a search at Amazon. Amazon misunderstood what I was looking for and pulled up car radios. I clicked on one. A banner at the top for clicking thru said that this radio is compatible with your ..... and gave me my car and model. I paid cash for the car and it should not have been on my credit report. It shouldn't have been anywhere but Toyota and our DMV. Amazon knew exactly what car I drive. It was creepy. So, yes - the cloud is shared with all and your every breath is somewhere in the cloud for inspection by someone. My next search had a banner out of context with the search topic offering a product to protect me against internet privacy problems. Ummmm......
  • Anna : You're right on !! Every time some one passes your info A royalty should occur.
    The fine state of WI. ask if you want to share info when renewal occurs
  • Old Joe: You may be right.
  • @Anna- I was kidding Lawlar, of course, but your response was very interesting. We also paid cash for our Toyota Tacoma pickup. I just tried Amazon for "car radios", and it knew nothing about our vehicle. Also tried "truck radios", with very limited results... again, no connection. They may not have gotten your info from Toyota- might have been insurance company, or some other source?
  • OJ, My relationship might be tighter than yours. I have an Amazon card because it limits the purchase totals and I don't need to offer a credit card number to buy. I also have Prime so Amazon has checked my credit. Still, I can't figure out where my Toyota would be recorded that Amazon would have accessed. Oh well, knowing my car preference doesn't really hurt anything.
  • @Anna, Amazon does not gather information like that from other sources. Nor does it have the feature to use that information in the My Vehicle section. They aren't like Google with data sucking tentacles everywhere. They may be looking at purchases on your credit card since they get that information but unless you bought the Toyota on the card, the card transactions wouldn't have that info. Besides, even that isn't reliable enough to process and act on. Someone could have bought a Toyota truck toy or something.

    Most likely, this information was entered by you or someone else on that computer/device or when logged into that account when searching on Amazon and don't recall it. Most vehicle related things will popup an option "see if it will fit my vehicle" and anything entered there will be remembered for future use.
  • An internet search for vehicle insurance might have also generated the info.
  • vkt, Nothing like that that either my husband or I can remember. We never bought anything for the car anywhere (except gas the Chevron station down the street). Not important anyway. Maybe it was insurance or DMV. And, maybe I did do something that I don't recall. I paid cash for the car two years before I got the Amazon card.
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