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Consolidating M/C funds-Help

I am looking to consolidate my M/C funds; i'm leaning towards "blend" but would consider "value". It will be in a taxable account; currently the funds I own are NOT tax efficient at all, so that is an important factor at this point. I also have a long-term time horizon of 10+ years.

I'm not looking for a world beater, just something with good metrics and solid returns. My research has identifed several candidates, three of which i would like your opinion, thoughts and suggestions on.

GVMCX (Government Street Mid-Cap)

BALIX (Barrow Value Opportunity)

PARMX (Parnassus Mid Cap)

They have good metrics, are fairly tax efficient and have category beating long and short-term returns. It also appears they have the ability to scour the market spectrum for investments.

Any and all thoughts, opinions, suggestions on these or other funds is greatly appreciated!!




  • TedTed
    edited January 2016
    @Matt: Here is a list that ranks MCB Funds from U.S. News & World Report for what its worth. GVMCX is ranked #7, PARMX is rank #20, while BALIX is unranked.
  • FLPSX and NICSX are the two famous longterm leaders, but I assume there is a reason you are not looking at them.
  • Thanks for your reply gentlemen!

    Ted, I do see that US News has two of them them ranked, but they don't give you much analysis. I do like that they are ranked fairly high. Do you have any thoughts about them?

    davidrmoran, FLPSX did come up in my search but it is more like a world stock fund (35+% non US), so I eliminated it. I have to look at NICSX and see why it did not make the cut; thank you for the suggestion!

  • Roger. I would revisit FLPSX myself, as that manager is an acknowledged researcher and leader in stockpicking. With his staff. It is a big fund with lots of holdings, so there are always reasons to reject it. Every time I have done so over the last decades I have regretted it, though.
  • edited January 2016
    UMBMX for compare and contrast; it has more of a growth orientation sometimes but is pretty disciplined in not overpaying for it.

  • My wife holds FLPSX in her 401k and she is rarely disappointed with it, so maybe you are right davidrmoran, I will have to reconsider it!

    Thank you for the UMBMX suggestion heezsafe!
  • I invest mostly in actively managed funds, but iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap (IJH), an ETF, seems to do OK, with a low tax cost ratio.

    I use a similar, lower cost (.05% ER) institutional version of BlackRock Midcap Index Fund (BRMIX) in my limited choice but decent 401(k) account.
  • Thanks Amir, I'm not familiar with BRMIX, I'll check it out, now!
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