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MFO 2015 Year End Ratings Posted - Category Performance Summary

edited January 2016 in MFO Premium
Through December 2015 on our Premium site.


  • Thanks!
  • Below is a simple table summarizing performance for year, organized by SubType and Category ... showing Peer Count and Total Return Averages.

    Results are computed from our Lipper database month ending December 2015, excludes money market funds. Funds at least one year old. Oldest share class only, includes max front load, if applicable.

    I broke out the Alternatives ... will likely separate from "Other" (aka Trading categories) in future. Basically, organize by 10 SubTypes instead of the 9 currently.

    Muni's did pretty good this year, relatively. (Congrats Junkster.) Japan funds did well, as did Health and Tech. Europe and Real Estate ok. Poorest performers of course Energy and most Commodities, Latin America and EM.

  • Wow! Outstanding Charles! Very professional. Thank you for your great dedication and work effort. You and David have made this a first-class website and learning center.
  • Very nicely done and helpful, thank you.
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