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Berkowitz's Fairholme Increases Sears Stake, Signals Active Role

FYI: Bruce Berkowitz, the largest outside shareholder at Sears Holdings Corp., plans to make himself heard.

As chief investment officer of Miami-based Fairholme Capital Management, Berkowitz has been a staunch supporter of Edward Lampert, the hedge fund manager who runs Sears and controls about half of the retailer’s shares. But Fairholme signaled a shift in its role at Sears in a Dec. 18 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


  • There must be underlying value that most investors are missing...
  • I sometimes wonder if Berkowitz and Lambert have this little bet going to see which one is nuttier. Stop it! You both are loonier than a doorknob.
  • Sven said:

    There must be underlying value that most investors are missing...

    We've heard that about Sears since it was well over $100. The fact that Berkowitz is now taking an active role is curious, although I'm not sure I see it as Fairholme-positive. Ultimately, I think Sears as we know it probably does not last beyond 2016.
  • Perhaps, it has become a personal thing (ego) for Berkowitz.
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