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AQR Style Premia Alternative I (QSPIX), AQR Style Premia Alternative LV I (QSLIX), September 2015

Is anyone buying this fund. Expensive yes but with interesting qualities. Nice behavior currently. I will likely rollover a pension distribution into an IRA.


  • @MikeM2 Yes, I own both and I am buying more today (ex date was yesterday). They have been very steady in a volatile market.
  • edited December 2015
    You can purchase QSPIX at Scottrade for a minimum investment of $100.00 plus $17 T/F in taxable and non-taxable accounts. There was a lot of discussion concerning QSPIX on Bogleheads concerning the pro/cons of the fund especially since it is to close to new investors next month.

    Some of the Boglehead posters mentioned that Fido and TD no longer offer QSPIX available for purchase.
  • Good to know about Scottrade since Fido is where I had expected to place the rollover.
  • Retail share class QSPNX is available at Fido
  • Some folks might do well to consider QMNNX. I would not expect 2015 numbers going forward, but unlike most Market-Neutral category options, this one is truly market neutral. The I-shares minimum at FIDO is $100,000, but the N-shares do not. The 1.55% fee for N is high but on the low side for most in that category.
  • Thanks again all. Will likely use QSPNX at FIDO if I get the rollover in time.
  • edited December 2015
    Dear BobC, how about AQR Long-Short Equity QLEIX ? It has the same managers, somewhat longer history than QMNNX, and a very similar growth trajectory? Strangely, according to M*, QMNNX has turnover 152%, whereas QLEIX has turnover 0%.
  • edited December 2015
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