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Lost my pointer, need help

Does anyone know how to get pointer back to touch pad ?
Thanks ,Derf
P.S. using touch screen to get by.


  • edited December 2015
    I used to do this from time to time with my HP. Try double tapping the upper left corner of the touch pad, since you may have turned it off by double tapping that corner to begin with. Otherwise, reboot or go you could Google this, I'm sure the answer is on the net.
  • If you mean being able to use touchpad in general, you can turn it on by holding FN and F1. You should see "Enable" or "Disable" with each click.
  • Thanks for replies,pointer is back !!
  • This thread begin pointless and got more's to a Happy New Year and more threads in 2016 that end with a point.
  • edited December 2015
    Sorry Derf. I didn't click on your post earlier because I assumed you meant you had lost your sense of direction regarding where the markets are headed or how to position your portfolio.
    Believe me ... I know that feeling.

    So I looked today, hoping one of these wise people had supplied the answer. Guess this probably would have been better placed under "Technical Questions."

    Take care & happy holidays.
  • And I thought maybe he'd lost his favorite dog...
  • The best dog always carries a jug of brandy.
  • :) Have a great Christmas, Sven, Hank & all!
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