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TCW High Dividend Equities Long/Short

Hi, guys.

A question came up about the availability of this fund and I've been chatting with the TCW folks. The fund launched Tuesday, Dec. 1 but is available for purchase only by residents of New York and California. It is not yet known when, or if, it will become available to residents of other states. TCW's reason for the limited release is to help the fund develop a track record before making it more widely available. And no, I don't know of other funds that have chosen that option.




  • With a long/short fund focused on high dividend equities, I'd be curious about the expenses, especially in regards to the short side.
  • Hi David!
    Seems to me like they might be afraid to take the training wheels off.
    the Pudd
    p.s. Thanks, David, for all you do!
  • New York and California. H'mmm. Sort of available only to us left-wing commie types, I guess.:)
  • edited December 2015
    I would not be an early buyer of this fund, but would prefer to watch and wait for an attractive track record to develop. As M* likes to err on the side of mutual fund companies and not investors, M* will likely post the relatively attractive performance of the "predecessor fund," which dates all the way back to 2005, despite the fact that this "fund" was not an open mutual fund available to all investors during this time period. The managers of this fund have done a decent but not stellar job at TFHIX.

  • What the heck. They will be long stocks who increase their dividends and short those who decrease? WTF do they have to come up confusing name like this. TCW Long/short Plus Income might have been better name. I would even have taken TCW Strategic Long/short
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