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Howdy Ted, The other retirement.....

Hi @Ted

From April 28th you posted:

"Sometime during the next week I will be meeting with my Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor to discuss liquidating all of my stock, both common and preferred, positions, and all but a couple of bonds. At the urging of my wife, I bringing an end to my investing life. Believe me, I will miss the action, but enough is enough. I'm lucky being financially secure and now can sit-back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. My action in no way reflect any pending market correction or crash, I'm still very bullish !."

>>>At some point in time, we either choose or must retire from what was a period of time in our lives dedicated to "earning" a wage from employment.

However, retiring from investing; well, this is another separate circumstance in one's life pattern.
I'm not at this point yet. But, I have thought about this, too; as we and the majority here are active investors and will all arrive at the "no more active investing".
We, here at MFO, are involved with investing more so than the vast majority of the investing public. The "investing", in my opinion; is a part of who we are and/or have become over the many years of this journey. This is a topic that could be discussed at great length; but I will stop here.

Ted, if you choose to comment; although active investing may no longer be in place, will your monies be placed in a conservative allocation fund or related, versus being parked in a CD(s) ?

I wish you and yours well with this plan and thank you for the continued links and comments here.



  • With a "Financial Advisor" Firm the first pitch will be for a lifetime annuity (for the big commission) If that doesn't work any Cash deposits (CDs ect.) with OUR firm will be ok,
    I can hear them now, the mattress is out of the what are you going to do?
  • TedTed
    edited May 2015
    @catch: I have sold a number of positions, but still hold several stocks and a few preferred stocks putting the proceeds in cash. Most likely I'll buy some treasuries and some CD's. Thanks, for asking.
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