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Vanguard Wellington

Seeking suggestions for alternative mutual fund investment similar to Vanguard Wellington. This would be an inclusion in my IRA. Thanks.


  • I might suggest Vanguard Star, Dodge and Cox Balanced or Mairs and Power Balanced
  • Welcome @carminusa

    You did not state whether you have access to broad range of moderate allocation funds; but if this is the case:

    You may also consider VILLX, FBALX or FPURX .

    Note that VILLX, for whatever reason had a nasty 2014; but appears to be back in the groove for 2015.

    This is a list of Morningstar Moderate Allocation funds. Click on the 5 year or any other column header to sort the list by return rate.

    Keep in mind that these so called MA funds may vary quite a lot with internal allocations and related. They are not twins and performance will vary, as indicated by the 5 year returns.

  • Wellington is still open to retail investors, in case that's the reason you're looking for alternatives. See Reuters' article.

    It's hard to find something really similar in terms of long term performance and history, portfolio attributes, management experience, and cost to Wellington. For example, D&C has similar long term management and performance and low cost, but higher volatility and a more flexible asset allocation. Villere likewise has similar long term management and performance, but even higher volatility and an equity sleeve that's nontraditional (mid cap growth vs. the usual large cap value).

    If you're open to funds that go their own way, there's Bruce Fund (BRUFX). As with the funds above, it also has long term management and fine long term performance. But in common with those other alternates it also has higher volatility.

    The Fidelity funds named, like many Fidelity funds, are very growth oriented, with what I'll generously call "substantial" turnover (over 150% annual).

    If the focus is on portfolio similarity, something like American Beacon Balanced (AABPX) might fit the bill. Traditional large cap value, low turnover, long term management. Though it now has three subadvisor companies. That's common to Vanguard also, but not to Wellington fund - you'd hardly expect a fund named Wellington to be submanaged by anyone but Wellington Management:-)
  • TedTed
    edited April 2015
    @carminusa: I not clear if your already are invest in Wellington, but here are some Moderate-Allocation Funds suggested by M* If I were you I'd stick with VWELX, 8% + returns for over 86 years.
    M* 5 of Our Favorite Moderate-Allocation Funds:
  • I have AABPX- American Beacon Balanced as one of my holdings.
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  • Maurice said:

    My investment in Vanguard Wellington began almost 30 years ago. Can't find many better and steadier performers.

    I could not agree more or think of a better steward of my money than Wellington Management Company.

  • Class of the field: VWELX, Take you 8% and fogetboutit
  • edited April 2015
    @00BY: I was about to mention that yesterday( PRWCX). But that is closed to new investors for quite some time. "Closed to new investors except for a direct rollover from a retirement plan into a T. Rowe Price IRA invested in this fund"
  • edited April 2015
    JABAX is another fine choice, albeit a bit more conservative than VWELX. I've held the latter for nearly 20 years and it's the anchor of my entire portfolio.
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