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Barron's Roundtable Part I: 22 Investment Ideas: Zulauf, Cohen, Rogers, Black

FYI: (Click On Article Title At Top Of Google Search)
If you’re looking for raging bulls or rabid bears, you’ve come to the wrong section of this esteemed publication. But if you’re seeking ways to make sense of perplexing economic times, and money in a market that offers slimmer pickings than in recent years past, stay right where you are.


  • I'm surprised at the few hits that this post has and no comments. Zulauf's name, alone, should draw something. Thanks, Ted. Great post!
  • edited January 2015
    Thanks PH. It's the top article on Google search as Linkster says. It's labeled "Investment Ideas" instead of Round Table - so a bit confusing.

    Zulauf is depressing. Sees more deflation ahead than in a Patriots' game.

    Other topics: FedEx, LED bulbs, and Boeing - to name a few.

  • Felix Z. is always worth a read.
  • Gross: "We brought consumption forward and issued one giant credit card for the past 30 years. Now the bill is coming due. Investors need to get used to low returns, and low growth, inflation, and interest rates for a long time." Very SCARY.

    Faber: "Policy makers have created an environment in which a corporation with a lot of cash isn’t going to build a factory or a business. It is going to buy back shares or take over another company. In each takeover, staff is eliminated and there is no capital spending. "

    Barrons Roundtable tracker:
    Faber, Zulauf, Schafer, and Witmer are top of the pack. I like Witmer's style, just simple company turnarounds with no guesses about economy, etc.
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