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Oil Breaking Below $50/Gundlach on Oil



  • The price per barrel of oil is going down yet the cartel is planning to raise prices to Asia buyers. A new sort of means testing?
  • scott said:

    Or I could buy Oaktree (OAK), Blackstone (BX) or other private equity investors who have been buying up distressed bonds and other energy assets. Oaktree did not fare well last year, but given that they are the world's largest distressed investor and aspects of the market are starting to show some signs of stress, it's picking up. Plus, Howard Marks as chairman.

    OAK is the asset management firm. Performance of funds doesn't equal profit of firms. Plenty of mediocre fund managers that make a killing with loads.

    Oaktree High Yield Bond Advisor OHYDX just started up on Dec 16, 2014. Sounds like a good bet on oil sector.

  • Thanks equalizer.

    Believe this is Oaktree's first retail mutual fund as named adviser?

    I understand that they are subadviser to Vanguard's Convertible Securities Inv (VCVSX) and Vanguard Emerg Mkts Sel Stk Inv (VMMSX).

  • I see the prospectus shows...

    Oaktree High Yield Bond Fund (Institutional Class – OHYIX, Advisor Class – OHYDX)


    Oaktree Emerging Markets Equity Fund (Institutional Class – OEEIX, Advisor Class – OEEDX)

    I wonder if this means they will no longer subadvise VMMSX?
  • Charles,
    I just called them, but the rep had no news on Vanguard sub-adviser or when funds would be available through TDA, Schwab, etc. They said they would get back to me though.
  • Great. I checked Schwab too...not showing availability yet. Please keep us posted on what you learn. Very much appreciate.
  • @JC:

    >> new sort of means testing?

  • Oaktree called back and stated that they will still sub-advise Vanguard and just branched out with their own funds. No word on when funds will be available through TDA, Schwab, etc.
  • Futures showing oil down another 3% plus to below $45. One of the oil ministers from OPEC blamed the shale oil producers for the oversupply.
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