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The Puzzle----And Promise----Of 'Absolute Return' Mutual Funds

edited April 2011 in Fund Discussions
FYI: The only thing that's 'absolute' is death and taxes.


  • I recall few board members use some of these vehicles as part of downside risk management. Then again the high expense ratio .....
  • Hi, Sven. Nice to see you here. Make sure you login. You are currently posting as anonymous user. There are benefits to logging in properly to the site.
  • Pretty bland article. Thanks for posting the category returns Ted. I have a few on the list.

    Sven, I hate the higher ER's as much (if not more) than the next guy, but the funds help provide diversification and downside protection (sometimes).
  • The one L/S or Absolute Return fund I was interested in is the fund BobC has brought up as a alternative diversifier a few times, Marketfield MFLDX. Most of these long/short funds seem to stay on the bearish side most all the time and only seem worth holding when the market collapses, AKA Hussman's Strategic Growth fund HSGFX. But MFLDX seems to be able to capture up and down markets, albeit with added volitility.

    As you guys have mentioned though, expenses are high.
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