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The Very Best Of Janus Funds

FYI: When you hear the name Janus, you probably think of mutual funds. But if you’ve been an investor for more than a decade, you might also associate Janus with the stratospheric returns produced by growth stock funds in the 1990s, followed by the spectacular declines of the early 2000s when the technology bubble burst.

M* Janus Mutual Fund Family:


  • Whenever I hear the name Janus, I remember all the shenanigans they pulled. A lot of unscrupulous activities went on there.
  • edited July 2014
    Scruples are good! I wish I had some.
  • Janus Balanced fund (JABAX) did not make the cut in the linked article. I have owned it off and on and was happy with it. It took me along time to forgive Janus for their shenanigans referred to above but finally did, though not currently holding anything Janus.
  • Balanced is good. Contrarian has done very well with the new manager. The Perkins funds are fine. Overseas was hugely successful for a while but has tanked in recent years. Other than that....?
  • edited July 2014
    Janus Global Allocation is a mini-family: conservative, moderate, and growth. The allocations favor equities maybe more than you'd expect from the names, at least right now; for instance, Conservative, the one I have on a watch list, ~ 45% stock, 48% bond, and 7% cash and other. Growth, the one mentioned in the article, is more than 80% stock.

    I'd guess the allocations are a reflection that Janus as a shop is still fairly far out on the growthy end of the spectrum.
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  • Maybe my scruples aren't so bad after all, in comparison.
  • I use Janus for trading. Payback time. I keep doing it to get 1% here, 2% there. I'm have had excellent luck. I use their allocation / balanced / income funds and keep moving in and out.

    I will NEVER forgive Janus.
  • I remember all that lousy nonsense in the news. So when I began investing, I right away excluded Janus from my list of possibles.
  • Roy
    edited July 2014
    Slight inaccuracy in the article...Janus Mercury was not renamed Enterprise. Janus Research became Janus Global Research and Janus Mercury then became Janus Research around end of 06 beginning 07.
  • JAHYX appears to have done fairly well this year in the Hi Yield space.

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