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What are your favorite Vanguard funds?

My new employer has a 401k plan that features a lot of mediocre actively-managed funds, but a handful of Vanguard index funds. So, after some due diligence, I've signed on for almost all Vanguard options. The exercise has led me to discover Vanguard (in my Roth IRA I have one index fund -- VFINX). So, in that spirit, I ask you all -- which of Vanguard's options is your personal favorite?




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    VWINX, VWELX, and VGHCX probably three of the best funds ever.

    Sometimes, because your plan owns shares, you may even be able to buy otherwise closed funds, like VWELX.

    Also, opt for admiral share class, as appropriate.
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    Active managment--The closed Primecap Core ( VPCCX) if available in your plan. Otherwise consider 1.) Capital Opportunity (VHCOX), 2.) Selected Value (VASVX), and one of either Dividend Growth (VDIGX), or Equity Income (VEIPX) . All have been on tremendous runs lately as has the market so decide whether to " average in" over a long period of time or wait until we have a significant correction. Personally I'm not a fan of Vanguard's bond index funds and am trying to decide between the cap weighted equity index funds of Vanguard and the equal weighted alternatives available elsewhere. Some of the Vanguard funds have etf counterparts if etf's are available in your plan.

    Not for the core portion of your portfolio. Sub-advised by Oaktree.
  • Reply to @BWG: Fill me in on convertibles. You like those as a diversification tool, or as a hedge against inflation (in some way...)?

  • Reply to @MourningStars: Actually, my Vanguard options are limited to VFINX, US extended, and international. I have Lazard open for EM exposure, and PIMCO total return as the only bond option. Have Nuveen for real estate.

    The remaining options aren't much to crow about.

    I'm amazed that I'm offered Vanguard US Large Cap, US Extended, Total International, but not Total World Index or Total Bond. Actively managed funds to choose from are all "growth" funds. Its a real-hodge podge. I'm not pleased, so I went with the index funds .
  • VHCOX if you can get it. Otherwise, VPCCX or VPMCX. For the majority of investors who aren't mutual fund experts, and don't want to be, VTSMX or VBINX.
  • In Jan. 2013 , I started moving dead money from bank account into Vanguard. Presently using Van. Tar. Ret. 2010 VTENX. A recent review showed I should be more aggressive, for a person my age. Therefore, next average in money, will be put in their 2015 fund unless Mr. Market keeps climbing. In closing I was wondering how these Tar. Funds would work for 3 or 4 pots of which to put money into for further use? Does anyone have any thoughts on this idea?
    Different strokes for different folks.

    Have a good week, Derf
  • BWG
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    Reply to @Shostakovich: There are folks on MFO who are much better informed about converts than I am. I don't think these funds are inflation hedges. I look at them as a relatively less risky and higher yielding alternative to equities. This fund (along with RNOTX) are the only Oaktree managed/co-managed mutual funds.

    I don't have a position in VCVSX but that is only because I am unable to access it via my online broker.

    Hope this helps.
  • Vig, vxus
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  • no doubts
    VGSTX vanguard star
    Vanguard Prime Cap VPCCX
    Capital Opportunity, which is opened recently (Any Prime Cap fund is fine)
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