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Portfolios-Your top 3 holdings?



  • Reply to @Charles:

    Hi Charles. The 10% is a self-imposed limit that I learned the hard way. I overextended during the bubble and leading up to the financial crisis of 08-09. I got badly burned by investing to heavily in specific fund managers. Therefore, for the sake of my personal sanity, I limit my fund manager risk to no more than 10% of my portfolio.

    I agree with you that a 4-5 fund portfolio is adequate for diversification. But it may not be adequate enough to diversify away manager risk, IMHO. Just look at Bill Miller, Ken Heebner, etc...

    P.S. Charles, I greatly enjoying reading your comments. Your insights and analysis are spectacular. You are an asset to this forum.


  • VWINX 9% Vanguard Wellesley
    OAKBX 14% Oakmark Equity & Income I
    MACSX 12% Matthews Asian Growth & Income
    HABDX 8% Harbor Bond
  • edited March 2013
    largest holding:
    lifecycle fund 2040 @ 401K

    top holdings - private account
    VGSTX vanguard star
    PRPFX permanent portfolio
    VPCCX vanguard prime cap core
    GLD gold/
    LSBRX loomis bond
    PSPFX - us global resource

  • ANEFX : American Funds New Economy 16.1%
    ABALX : AMerican Funds Balanced 15.9%
    TWSMX : American Century Strategic Allocation 15.7%
    AHITX : American Funds High Income Trust 10.7%
  • Reply to @Sven: Very solid choices,Sven,but good Scandinavians like you? and me need a little NORW/ENOR in our portfolios.Bought both on weakness in the past two years,good choices for oil/oil service exposure.
  • PAUIX Pimco All Asset All Authority 13%
    FPACX FPA Crescent 9%
    And tied for third place:
    TFSMX TFS Market Neutral 8%
    YAFFX Yacktman Focus 8%
    ODVYX Oppenheimer Developing Markets 8%

  • Vanguard Health Care Fund = 7%
    Seafarer Growth and Income = 25%
    Fidelity Low Priced Stock = 34%
    Matthews Asia Dividend = 19%
    Fidelity Small Cap Value = 15%
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