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Who Started the Thread?" One solution///hank

edited May 2011 in Technical Questions
Many have voiced concern that the instigator of a thread is hidden from view until one clicks on the thread. Alota discussion has taken place already and I get the feeling most would like to know who started a thread before they go to it. In absence of any solution coming from our wiz bang team of technical experts, I suggest those who think its a good idea simply insert their name after the title in some fashion. I chose to use 3 slashes to set my name off. Alternative methods welcome. To apply this to all your threads, go to your home page and click on "Discussions" at the top. It will list all the threads you started. Than you can click the "edit" feature and add your name. Took 5-10 minutes to change the half dozen or so threads I own. So easy a cave man could do it.

P.S. This idea was stolen from Ol Joe who thought of it first.


  • Howdy hankster, some of your discussion about this with OJ.

    I much prefer a naming in the subject line.

    Although the Funds Boat is more or less a stand alone subject; I also added the date to the subject line to set a particular post away from other dates.
    :):):) And no, I don't think the 10 year will go to 2.9%........course who knows. A fair number of the big kids must be parking some money, as I don't believe the FED has enough cash to push the rates around as much as have been the recent moves. BUT, I do think Ben and some other of the FED folks are still very much concerned about growth, unemployment, etc. QE3, whether official or otherwise is probably already in the plan (computer); just waiting for the "enter" button.

    Back to me chores, after some food stuffs.

    Take care,
  • Hank, I like your idea to add your handle to the topic. I personally prefer to use (paule) but if everyone agrees than any method will work.

  • Some will object to this solution as "redistribution". Really, why would you want to "subsidize" your fellow posters????
    also it requires extra keystrokes, ahem, I rest my case. All for one, and number one for number one.

  • BTW, I worked hard all of my life (read this in the context of nobody else has), and now you ask me to do this - to share my hard earned knowledge - and to type extra key strokes.
  • I think the subject line should be subject and the board software should be modified if this is so important. I am OK if you guys want to include your login in the subject but I will not be following that convention.

    There is certainly enough space in the line below subject line to display the originator of the thread as well as the last poster.
  • The "started by" bit now appears under each post. Sorry this took so long to implement. There is no longer any need to enter your name elsewhere manually.
  • Thank you Brad, this is helpful.

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