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February 2013 is posted

Hi, guys.

We've got a new gunslinger writing for us! Charles agreed to extend his already-striking analysis of Matthews Asia Strategic Income and it's now a striking part of our February cover essay. It's really good work.

Lesser highlights: profiles of the post-Dargan Artisan Global (ARTHX), Matthews Asia Strategic Income (MAINX) in light of our call and recent developments in the market and PIMCO Short Asset Investment (PAIUX), Bill Gross's cash management guy.

Some poking at Morningstar for the vagaries of their Analyst Rating system and the scariness of their small-fund choices, but also a celebration of their "buy the unloved" feature and some fascinating research on whether funds, ETFs or CEFs perform better in any given asset class.

A longish discussion of the Matthews call, with announcements of calls upcoming by or with RiverNorth (they're on their own), Seafarer (I'll be asking for your help soon) and Cook & Bynum.

And, well, other stuff.

For what it's worth,



  • Thank you David and Charles and the team for this month's newsletter.
  • Once again, thank you for February's outstanding commentary. Many thanks to David, Charles and the rest of the team.
  • edited February 2013
    Thanks David and Charles.

    A small correction: one of tickers for Rocky Peak Small Cap Value is juxtaposed. Change RPSCX to RPCSX.
  • David,

    Great job as always by you and the team. This is a really great web site and resource. Thanks for the many features and materials you've added.


    P.S. Recently "discovered' the MFO podcasts -- whose voice is on the MFO overview of RPHYX?
  • Reply to @Investor: Thanks for the heads up! We'll get it pronto. David
  • Reply to @Shostakovich: Howdy! Emma Presley, a British friend of chip's and mine, does all of the audio profiles. Each profile is a 1000 word rewrite of the print profile, so they should run 8-10 minutes. I'm in the process of shipping Matthews Asia Strategic Income off to Emma, with the prospect that we'll have the audio version in a couple days.

    Hope you like her reading. We've only slightly Americanized her dialect: "H" is no longer "haitch" and "0" is no longer "naught," but it's otherwise pure Emma.

    As ever

  • Reply to @David_Snowball: David, why would you ever touch her dialect !?! Its wonderful. I thought she was Scottish. Regardless, a very pleasant sounding voice and a real find. And, BTW, you did a nice job on the RPHYX conference call. Thanks for all your efforts (but, I imagine, it must in part be a labor of love).
  • Reply to @David_Snowball: It's all fixed now.
  • Reply to @Shostakovich: I'll share your kind words. Emma will be thrilled. Leeds is in Yorkshire, which has a reasonably distinct and pleasing dialect. By happenstance, that's also the birthplace of "Snowball." The first recorded use of the name, dated 1301, is Robert Snawbal in the tax registers for Yorkshire county.


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