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Unconfirmed Reports of Expanding War Rattle Foreign Markets and U.S. Futures

edited April 18 in Other Investing
Stocks Down, Bonds Up Sharply, Oil Hits $90, Gold & Safe-Havens Up

Bloomberg / ABC / WSJ and others are citing numerous unconfirmed reports of an Israeli missile attack on Iran tonight (April 19). There are also a few unconfirmed reports. of explosions in Syria and Iraq. Japan’s Nikkei plunged 3% at the open. Other Asian markets down sharply. U.S. stock futures down well over 1% - with NASDAQ futures off over 1.5%. Oil has soared to $90. Gold has advanced past $2400. U.S.10-year bond rate has plunged overnight (bonds higher). The Yen has jumped 5% against the Dollar, Swiss Franc Up

U.S. Officials confirm …

Sleep well …


  • edited April 18
    FINVIZ offers some guidance as of 10:30 EST, Thursday evening.

    I happened to watch this interview this early evening on CNN. Erin Burnett's interview with Iran's foreign minister during the 7pm period, and perhaps 'whatever' was already in motion.
  • edited April 19
    It appears that Israel has responded to Iran’s attack. This may widen the Middle East conflict.

    Futures of oil and precious metals went up accordingly.

    Edits: 10 year treasury yield rose to 4.64%, the highest in 2024.
  • wham, bam, thank you ma’am
  • Also of note: bit more chatter this week and last about France and even the UK placing troops in UKR as a rearguard action, or even as buffer against BYS.
  • Putin has threatened nuclear war if NATO cross the line into Urkaine. This is a “Churchill versus Chamberlain “ monument where the west must unite to support Ukraine. One must not under-estimate Iran’s military capabilities, especially with support from Russia, China and South Korea.
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