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Artificial intelligence and T. Rowe Price

Recently we received a T. Rowe Price newsletter about their uses of AI in their investment process. Article below indicated they have been using AI for the last 6 years on several levels of their investment process.,insights%20of%20our%20investment%20professionals.


  • edited October 2023
    Broadly speaking, artificial intelligence (AI) is simply the application of computer software to human thinking. It has been around formally at least since 1950s. It has had its ups and down cycles (note plural). Universities have had AI Labs since 1960s. Of course, new chatbots since Fall 2022 have gone much beyond old fun and games with AI. Now EVERYBODY knows and talks about AI. And no surprise that they find that they have already been using AI.
  • I wonder if the proliferation in advanced, next-generation AI makes a stronger case for indexing vs active management.
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