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Not everything’s down today

edited May 2023 in Other Investing
Precious metals have been on a tear this week. Gold is nearing its all time high. Currently around $2040. Silver’s been running much hotter than gold most of the year. Surprised to see real estate up today. REET (etf) +.88% at last look. Must relate to falling interest rates. Consumers staples have held up well this week. A lot of foreign stocks are up today, a sign the dollar is continuing to weaken.


  • Helps lessen the blow for those of us who hold funds which carry metals (First Eagle Global, for example).
  • edited May 2023
    Bought a few more shares of BHB. And SCHP, the only holding I own that's up today. (TIPs.) Real Estate? That ETF is up, but not PSTL. Still, it's done well, particularly since the earnings announcement a few days ago. (Cross-check with Buy-sell-why.)
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    As of today, the Dow has turned negative for the year, off YTD -.06% at 33,128

    The S&P 500 & NASDAQ are still well ahead (+5,77% and +14.33% YTD respectively).

    But the Russell 2,000 small cap index is down for the year: -2.41%

    Numbers from Bloomberg / FWIW

    * Notwithstanding the above, the Dow is still substantially above its recent low of 25,590 reached on September 23, 2022
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    As markets continue to fluctuate and many investors take losses, it can be frustrating to see reds all over the spectrum. However, it is important to remember that not everyone is in the red today. While some sectors are struggling, others are thriving, and it is important to look for opportunities where they exist. One sector that has shown resilience in the face of market turmoil is technology. As the pandemic has accelerated the transition to a more digital world, technology companies have seen increased demand for their products and services. This has led to a strong performance in the stock market, with many technology companies outperforming the broader market. Another area to consider is health care. While the pandemic has drawn attention to the health care industry, it is important to remember that health care services are always in demand. Whether it's routine checkups or more serious medical problems, people will always need medical services. That's why medical stocks have historically been considered a safe haven during market downturns.
  • edited May 2023
    Welcome aboard @LinoWillingham … And thanks for commenting.

    Yup. I doubt many could have seen the lasting changes brought on or hastened by the pandemic. Technology is one area you mentioned. And medical as you note. I’m also struck by the shift from in-office work to “work from home” with its huge ramifications for property development and rental. How many saw that one coming?
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