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  • Hi Ted, Loving the new site so far - like that the links bring up separate page. But, when I tried to open this link, it showed the correct page for a second or two, then I got message "unable to open." Have had same problems with Kiplinger articles, so perhaps this requires subscription to view? If not and you know a way to fix, please let me know. Cathy
  • HI CathyG - Didn't experience that problem myself when I clicked on Ted's link... just fyi. Perhaps "software-blocked" if you are trying to read on a work computer?... But of course none of us would *ever* do that now, would we...?;)
  • Hi CathyG, I was able to open Ted's link without problems. However, in the past, I have had problems involving my software firewall that needed to be adjusted. Good luck.
  • Cathy,o had no problem with the link.

  • I am retired so only home computer. I have IE 7, security settings at Medium. Checking web now for fixes, but too many talk about scripts which I have no clue about. MS says problem fixed in IE 8, so I will try upgrading to that and hope it doesn't mess up anything.
  • Hi, Ted - Thanks for bringing the American Funds Global Balanced Fund to my attention - haven't heard of it before. I dug into the American Funds website to try to see what is in the fund's portfolio, but it's so new there's no information there yet.
  • American Funds....yuk loaded and expensive.
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