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Discussion board software wish list (please post all your board wishes in this thread)

edited April 2011 in Technical Questions
As David has indicated the programming wizards are working to incorporate many of the suggestions.

I do see a lot of new threads regarding the wishes and it is great that people have migrated here but many individual wish threads is starting to clutter the board (and pushing actual mutual fund discussions below the radar). It is probably making it harder for David and crew to refer to in one place.

Let's keep all the wishes, improvement requests into this thread.

Moderator, could you make this thread sticky for a while?


  • Morn'in....Sat, April 2

    These thoughts reflect back to the FA board, but also to my earlier days of message boards on the young interenet.
    1. FULL VIEW of all LADDERED replies that have been posted to the FIRST message; as is now available at FA. I personally find it very easy to take a quick glance of all the messages; and it does save time. I know that TIME allowed in one's day for fund research and interaction here is critical for most, and especially keeping "newbies" coming back to this site is of most importance. So, ease of use to "discover" what one is most interested in at the time is high on my list of desired functions.
    There could be many examples going backwards into the current posts, but one recent example is a post question about "real estate" funds. While this is usually some discussion related to this common style of question, many of the replies are at the subject line only. These type of replies are not readily viewable without a dropdown, laddered style....."quick view" thread list.
    THIS site is one big online REFERENCE. Not unlike any printed reference book; be it auto, gardening, cooking or whatever, one should first go to the index to find the major topic areas which are then sectioned into the specific areas within the major topic: Cooking....under the MEAT section are all the meat types within the book and perhaps further under CHICKEN are the recipe types related to chicken....fried, roasted, etc.
    For me, the biggest drawback to the site at this time is the inability for a "quick' overview. When I return from one week of business or whatever, and have not had access or time to visit the current FA; I can pop up that discussion board and within a few minutes, do a broad scan of all the starting subjects and everything threaded down from the first post. I am concerned that the lost of this quick view will, especially keep newbies from returning; AS their/one's first impression (ease of use) is most critical.

    2. LINKS...AUTO INSERT AND NAMING. While I am able, but lazy to insert and name a link within the text here; I am not likely to do this, as I just won't type through all the HREF...dah, dah. Although I did learn HTML needed to construct a pretty EBAY auction in the very early days; this is now an auto feature at EBAY. I suspect the vast majority of members here will not take the time to name a link with HTML coding.
    ALTHOUGH I suspect this feature is pending for the site and not yet set into place. YES, one may just copy/paste and drop a link into the text area for others to use, but it doesn't look very clean.

    OK.....enough for now. Outta the house I must go.

  • OOPPSS.......did forget...................looking at the list of discussions; one finds the time of a post, and I can know it is new by its place on the list. BUT, it would be nice to find a date, too. THIS would be covered with having the "thread ladder" function in place. Where one may view the start date of the thread through the ending.
  • edited April 2011
    I fully agree with you on the thread ladder or "expanded tree".
  • 1. Agree, would like laddered view. I found that incredibly helpful on the FundAlarm site.
    2. Agree, would like to see name of OP consistently, not just last poster in a thread.

    Thanks for getting the site up and running!

  • Agree with Catch. Would prefer laddered view and ability to respond directly to individual posts within the thread. However, this is a wonderful board. Very neat and clean. Navigates easily. Its layout should discourage devolution into off topic ramblings or personalities. I can see where a moderator would welcome that. The cost resides in giving up some of the spontaneity and give and take we've grown accustomed to.
  • It would be nice if the latest posts were at the top instead of having to scroll down
  • No, I like to see the oldest post at the top, i.e. by date in ascending order within each ladder/sub-ladder. This allows me to see how someone came to a conclusion by looking at the sequence of different subject lines and no message (nm) comments.
  • On my iPhone I would like to see all text is within the horizontal boundaries of the screen, i.e. I don't have to scroll to see a complete line. So please remember users who check-in with a mobile device.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I'm having trouble accessing the messages when I click on the main discussion links. Sometimes takes up to 30 seconds to display the messages connected to the links. I hope it's not my computer - only 2 years old and I have DSL which, ,so far, has worked fairly quickly on other sites (including FundAlarm orig). Am I the only one having this problem - and does anyone know what settings I could change to fix this? I have IE7. Was going to update to IE8 to be able to view some site links cannot access now. But I checked out IE8 and too many possible problems others have had. Cathy
  • CathyG - Try copying and pasting the URL into your browser thingy.
    (My computer also does not follow the links as posted quickly.)
  • I guess I'm not much for change. Heck, I don't even carry a cell phone which drives my kids crazy. But I really liked the simplicity of FundAlarm. I liked seeing the original post and the response names (and sometimes new subject line) under the original. I'm guessing that's what others refer to as laddering (?).

    Also, maybe it's there already, but it would be nice to know which posts are just links to other site's articles. At times we are bombarded by 6, 8 10 in a row. I do appreciate the links. I often print them out and read them on coffee breaks or after work, but other times I'm just trying to view opinions and discussion.

    Whatever you end up with, this "Who Moved My Cheese" guy will adjust because I enjoy the people and the discussions at FundAlalrm.
  • One more little thing I noticed, when you back arrow out of whatever post you are in to get back to the main list, you always end up at the top of the discussion list again. You then have to scroll down and look for where you left off. Be nice to arrow back to where you left off.
  • edited April 2011
  • * I agree with others that expanded tree view and being able to reply to a specific post in a thread would be preferred.

    * Each new discussion on the main list is taking too much screen estate. Can you switch to a smaller font so we can pack a bit more posts and it would make it easier to scan through the posts. With wide screen screens on laptops, it became important to manage the vertical space more efficiently. A lot of current laptops have 1280x800 or 1366x768 format. At least for logged in users allow them to have a smaller font choice.

    * My own posts are being colored with a light blue background. The font color contrast is not good enough against this blue. I would prefer better contrast for easy reading.
  • First, I agree with the wish for the "laddered" format.
    AND, for some reason I do not see the handle of the original poster!
    In my view (unless I am somehow missing some setting) that is a major omission!

    I have my own list of those to watch for, those to ignore, those to never-ever-ever miss. The "original" FA format allows one to see the original poster "&" quickly skim the repliers, giving a quick likely appraisal of both the original post and the following discussion before I decide whether to dig in. (Which to read, which to skip, and which to walk away from.)

    If these two features can be readily incorporated I believe it would be a value-enhancer.
  • I love to see Rono's "Precious metals" newsletter/posting on a regular basis (dailiy would be great).
  • David, could you at some point in the future clarify re: posting of links, especially by folks who do alot of it. Should each article/link be posted separately as on the old FA board? Some have suggested that in the interest of space, people try to group several links into a single post. I'm not taking sides. Just think this should be settled before we get too far.
  • Re: bnath001's interest in seeing rono's "Asia and the metals" newsletter/postings, which I share: In the new format, these updates can now all be in a single thread! Easy to find, and would form a single body of work. The same for catch's "Bond Boat" and other
    recurring themes.
    Is there a provision for member investing-related blogs? On FundAlarm, lots of posters had thoughts on organizing or tweaking investments in relation to changing personal or family circumstances; blogs might be a way to capture these closely related issues w/o using the main discussion board.
  • Given the various formats that folks are requesting for viewing preferences, I wonder if it is possilbe to allow each member to set their own viewing preference?
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • If someone puts a link in a post, it would be nice to have a symbol before the post. Some people just posts links with the name of the article and no comments. Thanks
  • I wonder if there might be a logout box on each part of site? For example, if I am reading "Funds" or "About" I must return to "Discuss" to logout.
  • Navigating through the replies was very cumbersome at FA. Should be easy way to hit next with arrows to proceeed through threaded replies.
  • The new board looks good. We do need to have threaded replies and ability to see at once glass the whole thread. It would also be nice to have some investment-related categories for special interests such as precious metals, trend-following/sector rotation, links-focussed posts and archives of articles of interest. Does this new board store old articles, unlike the Fundalarm one?
  • I would like the title line to show the original posters name. There are several posters here that I like to follow and being able to see the originator would be helpful.

  • edited April 2011
    would you kindly consider attaching a file [pdf/microsoft/powerpoint, etc...] if the poster desires w/ the link like an email attachment??

    The other issue is that it would be hard to find the previous article [i.e. others may post one article twice or thrice because we cannot 'find' the previous link to the same article].

    just a few minor points but this website is AWESOME:)

  • Please add me to the list of folks who would appreciate the option for a full laddered view of replies from the front page, and the inclusion of posters' names with the subject line of both original posts and replies. If that is technically infeasible, please consider a "search by poster" option.

    There are a few contributors from whom I read every post, whether or not the subject of the original post is of immediate interest to me, because I've found that they almost always say something that's worth my while to consider. The FA board format allows me to find their posts by doing a text search (ctrl-F) on their name. Without the ability to quickly and conveniently locate those contributors' posts, for me, much of the value and utility of the board will be lost.

    Thank you for your consideration.
  • Bold, italic, or underscore capability?
  • A very small detail, but a "favicon" / url icon would be nice, as it would save precious space on my bookmarks toolbar. Even more important, it would be Cool!!
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