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Rondure Global Advisors - Chairwoman's letter


  • I'm a Laura Geritz fan.
  • Hard pass, no thanks, not for me.

    Used to invest a fraction of my portfolio, never had good results.

    Looking at some of the holdings....Sichuan Swellfun Co LTD, MatsukiyoCocokara & Co, Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk PT...Huh? Quick, name what they do or where they are located.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. GTFO. I'd rather invest in MSFT, CB, TEL, JNJ, EMR, PEP, JPM etc than those companies.

    Lady who runs the show seems to be on a Koombaya, virtue signaling jag....all the goods are there...I have found that whenever companies post all that stuff, their stock goes down the toilet bigly. Post stuff about carbon footprint?...huh, stop flying all over the world on the investor dime in the name of "research and boots on the ground" etc while you fulfil your wander lust...typical hypocritical virtue signalling bullshit.

    Focus on growing your business, providing a return for your investors over a simple FDIC insured 5 year CD.

    Don't lecture, don't tell us how inclusive and diverse you are...we can see the truth based on the photos of the folks who work for you.

    Baseball Fan
  • OUCH !
  • edited August 2022
    Rondure New World, i.e, RNWOX has beaten its peers handily in the past three years with less volatility than them as well so I’m not sure what the grotesque attack on the manager’s supposed “virtue signaling” is for. If anyone bought this emerging market stock fund expecting its behavior to be comparable somehow to “a 5-year CD,” that’s on you. You shouldn’t be invested in emerging markets at all if you think that. The manager shouldn’t be blamed for the fact those markets are volatile. There’s a reason they have the word “emerging” instead of “developed” in their name.
  • I tire of the political correctness, too. All the "woke" stuff. But LG is no dummy. Lots of others use their platform to assert opinions, forecasts, the homework they've done, their "take" on Reality itself. This was a FIRST--- an INITIAL letter. It can be expected to have a different flavor or spiciness-level than the ones that follow. Disclosure: I'm retired from a denomination that for decades has espoused diversity and inclusiveness not as a means, but an end in itself. That's crap. Misguided. Stupid. Discouraging. Alienating. ...So... THERE. I've SAID it.
  • But why assail her record as a manager when it’s a good one and try to connect that somehow to “virtue signaling?” It seems like a cheap shot.
  • But why assail her record as a manager when it’s a good one and try to connect that somehow to “virtue signaling?” It seems like a cheap shot.

    Yes. Well, someone ELSE clearly has an agenda, too!
  • Folks can we please try to turn down the volume here. I come here as do most others to engage in thoughtful investment discussions, not to deal with political vitriol. If you don’t like her political or social views then don’t invest in the fund. Simple as that. But Lewis is right her performance for her fund category is actually good. In the top 16% over the past 5 years. No need to go after the manager like that.
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