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  • I invested a small sum at the launch, sitting pretty flat still, with NAV increasing $0.01 about every 2 weeks or so, at $20.04 currently. Also have made their 6th investment as well.
  • Few questions...
    1) How much capital have they raised for the Fund?
    2) How much do they plan to raise for the Fund?
    3) When do they expect to close the Fund for new investment?
  • So how is the NAV increasing if the Fund has just recently made 6 investments that surely would not be marked up at this point given they are private. Sure, there is cash that is earning some interest, but there are also fees that are likely more than that.
  • edited August 2022
    Bloomberg shows the fund's Total assets at $8.5M as of 8-16-2022. How can you have Cashmere without the Cash?

    We really cannot be familiar with ALL the Asset Mgrs out there, and I'm not sure about these guys. I suppose a VC fund is probably just looking to get lucky with a major home run or two anyway.

    Interesting new product for small time (us non-accredited) retail investors. Will watch to see if it attracts any $. Fees are not cheap, redemption window is semi-annual.
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