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  • edited August 2022
    Thank you. Sounds like Clyde McGregor’s been “promoted” and will be “transitioning” away from OAKBX while the new team settles in.

    OAKBX is an old favorite. Unloaded it late in 2018 after it stunk up the joint. Recently considered buying in again, but darned if I can figure out what they’re trying to accomplish with their current portfolio. Not much remarkable there. Phillip Morris? This fund was once good at uncovering overlooked “niche” equity investments and effectively hedging risk through strategic equity selection. That .84% ER ought to get you more than it apparently does.
  • I like Oakmark, but have to admit OAKBX has indeed been a bit of a disappointment, but I continue to hold in taxable. OAKEX has been lackluster for longer. OAKLX can be a wild ride, but I hold as a volatility lever.
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