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CrossingBridge Funds 2Q22 Commentary

Please find the CrossingBridge Funds' 2Q22 commentary, "In Flanders Fields", which was inspired by an October 2021 visit to the WWI Museum in Kansas City.

I look forward to having you read (and share!) the commentary and hearing your feedback.


  • CrossingBridge didn't ring a bell but RPHIX does.
  • From their website,

    CrossingBridge Advisors, LLC (“CrossingBridge”) was founded in December 2016 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cohanzick Management, LLC (“Cohanzick”), which was founded in 1996 by David Sherman. As of June 30, 2022, the assets under management for CrossingBridge and affiliates were in excess of $2.76 billion
  • @davidsherman

    Thank you for the posting a link to your commentary!
  • Thanks for the post @davidsherman. I've been a happy owner of RPHYX since it reopened in 2020 (waited years for that reopening:) ) and earlier this year started to invest in SPC. Being a new fund, the investment in SPC comes from trust in your money management and conservative capital preservation style.
  • I second the above from MikeM. As along time holder of RPHIX, since Dr. Snowball first reviewed it here on MFO and a more recent owner of CBLDX, David you truly have managed to be an ace in the past year with both funds in the 1st quartile as assigned by M*. RPHIX has had a positive YTD which is remarkable for the past 7 months. CBLDX has had minor loss in the 1-2 2% range which is a heap better than all of my other fixed income funds. That is why I have entrusted you with a multiple of 6 figures. Except for 1 minor dip a few years back in RPHIX you have managed to ascertain the " Money Good " opportunities with success and have reliably done well by your investors. We also have a large portion of "Dry Powder" as you do and being conservative when appropriate is a winning proposition. Thanks Again. Fundly
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