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Individual TIPS vs TIPS Funds

Individual TIPS (held to maturity) track CPI (unadjusted, but only adjusted is available at Stockcharts and it is close). But TIPS funds do their own thing.$$CPI,TIP&id=p25993629730


  • The chart in the OP should refresh for new CPI. Here is the link again.$$CPI,TIP&id=p39606963806
  • edited June 12
    Thanks for the Stockcharts plots that are helpful to see the differences between VTIP and TIP.

    One can buy individual TIPS from their brokerages. New issues are available based on the auction schedule. Here is more information from Fidelity.
    You can view a list of available Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) offerings by visiting Fixed income, bonds & CDs. TIPS can't currently be purchased on our mobile app.

    TIPS are issued with 5, 10, and 30-year maturities at a specific frequency in auction. On the announcement date, security terms and important dates are posted on To view the auction schedule for treasuries, visit US Treasury Bonds and select “Auction Schedule”.

    To view available TIPS auction offerings, log in and visit Treasury Inflation-Protected (TIPS) auction offerings.
    * think you meant CPI, not CPU, correct?
  • edited June 12
    Yes, CPI, or CPI-U. It seems that I can still edit the OP. Thanks.

    BTW, I posted on the upcoming TIPS auction here,
  • Thank you. I saw your earlier posting too. Just want to inform the broader audience on the longer duration TIPS (10 and 30 years) are also available.
  • Yogi -- thank you for your post.
    Decided to participate in the 5-year TIP auction, in both my Trad- and Roth-IRA. The orders filled today.

    Thanks again!
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