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BusinessWeek 'The Death of Equities'

edited May 29 in Other Investing
The infamous BusinessWeek 'The Death of Equities' cover story has long been touted
as a contrary stock market indicator.
I stumbled across this story on Barry Ritholtz's website and hadn't read it before today.
This is an interesting (but lengthy) article from a historical perspective.


  • Updates for now:

    Barron's LINK1

    Bloomberg BusinessWeek LINK2
  • Lots of investors today don't remember Mr. Market overshooting to the single digit side of the PE ratio.
  • edited May 30

    Updates for now:

    Barron's LINK1

    Bloomberg BusinessWeek LINK2

    Many sentiment indicators have been at levels associated with major bottoms. But sentiment indicators can be fickle and imprecise. What you need is strong price momentum to confirm the sentiment indicators. The past three trading days were very powerful - advances over declines and upside/downside volume. But three days does not a bull make. If the next 5 trading days are more of the same though a major bottom will be in place if history is any guide. But that is a big “if” so let’s see what next week brings, Bear markets are notorious for sucker rallies. The 73/74 bear had a doozy of a bear market rally of 15%.
  • @Junkster : Thanks for the info & check the link out for more info.
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