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Just placed an after-market sell order at Fido :) :)

edited May 13 in Other Investing
FYI - There’s a toggle switch on the sell order after you enter your data (stock, limit price, etc.). Says “After hours trading turned (on/off)”. Slide it to the right and it turns green. Pretty impressed as I had read you need to call and talk with them directly before they’d authorize after hours trading. No problem. Thought others might find it useful. Not all stocks trade after hours. In my case a day-only limit sell order missed the mark (too high) by a few cents today. So I decided to re-submit & keep it open through the evening. Not sure. But I think the after-hours trading ends at 8:00 PM.

Likely, you will need to have previously acknowledged when prompted that you are a “highly experienced” investor. Heck, even buying conservative funds like GATEX require that requisite because they deal in options. Likely, too, you won’t see the option displayed during regular trading hours.


  • There are pre-market (before open) and after-market (after close) sessions. It is a VERY THIN/ILLIQUID market, so use limit-orders. Even reliable quotes are not available. These sessions don't mix with regular sessions, i.e. nothing carries over between sessions. I have used them at Fido and Schwab. Years ago, Fido did require me to listen to several minutes long stuff that the Rep read on phone about warnings and cautions, but that was it. I don't recall Schwab doing anything like that.

    Example - Nasdaq Quotes on TWTR
  • edited May 16
    Thanks Yogi. Trying to lighten up a bit on DKNG. With moves of up 10% and down 10% on any given day it’s ripe for this kind of trading. I’ve observed it after hours before and it does bounce around quite a bit.

    If it doesn’t work no problem. There’s always Monday … Tuesday … Wednesday … :)

    5/13 Brief update: Did not work in after hours Friday. But it did work in the pre-market hours Monday when the bid jumped higher. (needed to be resubmitted). Glad to unload a bit.
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