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Any opinions regarding Franklin Income Fund? It appears to be doing as well as PMEFX and better than VWINX.


  • Franklin Income (FKIQX /FKINX /FRIAX) is one of those misclassified funds as conservative-allocation/30-50%. But when its equities and bonds (including HY, convertibles) are accounted for, it acts more like moderate-allocation/50-70%. When properly compared (e.g. to VWELX, not VWINX), it doesn't do so well.
  • Whether it falls in 30-50% or 50-70% allocation, it is doing well through all the ups and downs of the market this year.
  • Good SO FAR if you are a holder.

    PRWCX has done well too.

    DODBX too - with its new longs & some shorts strategy.

    But be aware of risks of your holdings. As I noted in a nearby thread, recently among bonds, corporates have done the worst & HY the best. That is NOT typical (as HY & stocks have high correlation) . Some point to the relative strength in HY as the underlying strength in the market, or they may rollover in their typical way.
  • Not a holder of this fund, but do use it as a comparison fund. I have vwinx and pmefx as my largest positions in the 30-50% allocation funds..
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