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Old_Skeet's Market Briefings 2022

edited April 17 in Other Investing
Old_Skeet indicated that it was ok to post the link to his weekly briefing reports. The link covers briefings from the beginning of the year up and through the most recent along with comments made by other investors as to what their thoughts are as well.

Here is the link.

There is an interesting poll on the Big Bang Board. It is titled ... "Who Has a Lot of Cash?"

Here is the link to the poll.

Wish all a Happy Easter Holiday weekend.


  • @CecilJK : thanks for the links. Would like the average age of investor in second link. I'm going to guess 70 +. As the saying goes , different strokes for different folks. With a shorter time, life expectancy, to recapture losses I can see why most of the replies are shortening up on the markets.

    Have a good one, Derf

  • edited April 17
    Mr. Fantastic says, “I have never been this high”

    Yogi Berra said, “It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

    Personally, I have not built up cash. On the other hand, I haven’t thrown money at a falling stock market either - as I surely would have done when younger.

    Thanks for the link @Old_Skeet
  • @CecilJK, that should be a useful series here (I think you used to post them here before). But you may want to link to your latest in the series, like this LINK.

    IMO, serial features are important for websites. In fact, I have sampled 5 of series here that I post elsewhere and I am gauging reactions on them.
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