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Any contrarians owned by anyone here which did not fall today? 6th April, '22

edited April 6 in Other Investing
I'll start: BRUFX. TRAMX. BHB. And ENIC was flat for me today. LOTS of UNREALIZED LOSS in THAT one.
When did those unwanted periods show up??????? Happens all the time now. AAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Goddam MACHINES.
Bruce Fund. TRP Africa/Middle East. Bar Harbor Bank. ENIC = electricity company, in Chile. (Enel Chile.)

*I don't own TRP Value, TRVLX but it's up today, too.


  • edited April 6
    I don't know if any of these qualify as "contrarian" besides the fact that they were up today.

    If M* is up to date, the following were gainers in my IRA: VPU, PRUZX, TCREX, VDC, PTH, GLFOX, VDIGX, XBI, DSEEX. IRA was off 0.35.

    Taxable was off 0.23.
  • RPIEX, a bond fund no less, been up last two sessions. They are either doing some massive interest rate hedging, shorting stocks or both. Interesting.
  • Gainers for me for 4/6/22 are: RYU, UGI, GD, JBSS, TPHD, LNG and SCHD. A mix of stocks and ETF's. Portfolio off -0.40.
  • edited April 6
    I finished up for the day, with 4 funds contributing to the positive... GSIHX, JEPI, UTG, SCHD. The big winners were individual dividend paying stocks...RPM +4.86%, ABBV +3.35%, AEP +3.14%, JNJ +2.6%, WPC +2.36%...etc. Looking at the list of positive contributors in several posts above, that appears to be the theme for the day.

  • VPU, VIVIX, VDIGX, VGLSX and PQTIX(best performing fund I have YTD up 11.69%.
  • Most of you did well. I'm with Art: on the day, I was down by -0.40%. Bruce Fund did the best, at +0.71%.
  • A couple miners I own were up slightly. Just a really strange day. I wouldn’t try to take too much away from it.
  • Value, utilities, real estate, healthcare, real-return funds were positive today.
  • FBIOX up .36% today and up 4.2% for the last week and up 11.14 % for the last month.
    Of course, it's down 19.39% for the past 12 months.

    Contrarian in the moment.

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