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Barrons question

Does Barron's have the S&P 500 1 year forward earnings estimate projections (52 week)?
$48 online cost.

If yes, what is that number? Or the estimates for 2023?


  • This was published in Barron's on 11/24/2021:

    "Jefferies strategists published a year-end 2022 target of 5,000 for the broad market benchmark. That represents a roughly 7% gain from the index’s current level—a view underpinned by the firm’s expectation that aggregate earnings per share for the companies in the S&P 500 will come in at $233 in 2022. The baseline view among analysts tracked by FactSet is that the figure will be $220. "
  • Thank you Mark. I am wondering if there is a table updated weekly with these stats? It used to be towards the front of the mag. I might need to stop by the library and look at one.
  • edited April 5
    @shipwreckedandalone, in its Market Laboratory data tables, Barron's publishes TRAILING P/Es for indexes and the current edition has for SP500 as 25.02. I don't think Barron's presented fwd P/E for major indexes in these data tables. It does have fwd P/E for Barron's 50 weekly and that is 21.20.

    But fwd P/E for SP500 is often mentioned within Barron's articles that in the current edition is 19.6 (Trader column).

    M* has fwd P/E for SPY as 20.1, for VOO 19.7 (the difference not accounted by their ER difference).

    Yardeni has fwd P/E for SP500 as 19.7 and also has a chart for P/E. Analysts may differ on this based on their outlook. Notably, Yardeni develops his own estimates.
  • Yogi, thank you. I am looking for 52 week forward S&P 500 earnings estimates (many times noted as 'Forward' in publications), not the earnings multiple 25.02. So the number I am expecting is somewhere around $233.04 (I think) but I would like a reliable source to find the weekly published number. The most widely published number is a quarterly number which I do not use.
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